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The roaring sound of a swinging big band in full flight is one of the most exhilarating sounds in all of jazz

BBE Vocalists

“The Big Band Experience” (BBE) is proud to present a group of world-class musicians featuring top-tier vocalists, under the direction of renowned arranger and orchestrator Udi “Udito” Or-Haim.

This project is part of a unique mission that aims to preserve and endow the long-lasting art of big-band music. This fresh approach to curating and arranging the repertoire enables the audience to enjoy an accessible experience as the group “dishes out” familiar tunes tossed up in the right sauce.

After 15 years of producing and directing musical acts worldwide, engaging with high-caliber clientele, it was the right time to gather our troops and produce a true in-house project (literally!). Therefore, this entire video shoot and live-recording were held at our Tel-Aviv offices. The arrangements are by “Udito”, the shooting, editing and videography were directed by our brilliant trumpet player Yuval Peleg and the sound was mixed by our mixing engineer and bass player, Mr. Oren Latz.


Udi “Udito” Or-Haim – Band Leader

Udi Or-Haim began his musical journey at the age of 7 by attending the local conservatory studying both piano and drums.  He continued multi-instrumental studies until he was 13 as he made his decision to focus on drums and percussion. Udi studied with some of the finest drummers in Israel and attended extensive music studies throughout high school. After finishing his army service, he attended “The Collective School of Music, NYC”, mastering his skills as a professional drummer with a strong emphasis on jazz, Latin drumming, and percussion.


In 2002, Udi returned to Israel and started to make his mark in the Israeli entertainment industry by accompanying some of Israel’s top artists as a drummer for both live shows and studio recordings.  After a short while, he signed his first contract playing musical theater for the show “The Sound of Music.”  This was followed by 6 years of theater work for numerous shows including “The Producers”, “Avenue Q” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” to name a few. Alongside performing nightly at the theater, Udi continued studying, scoring, arranging, and orchestrating.  This revealed a new horizon of opportunities and craftsmanship.


In 2008 Udi joined “Caliente Music, Ltd.” and launched the live music department.  Soon after joining the company, Udi helped “Caliente” establish itself as the leading music company in Israel.  Soon Udi was a partner.   Gathering a vast repertoire of arrangements over the years, Udi had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most glamorous clientele in both private and corporate events, showcasing his fine skills as an arranger and director in some of the most colorful circumstances. In addition to his accomplishments as a Musical Director, Udi is also an entrepreneur in the music industry involved in several projects addressing arts and sustainability.

Yuval Peleg

Yuval Peleg - Filmmaker

Yuval Peleg is a Tel-Aviv based musician and filmmaker. A musical prodigy from a young age, he began his music studies at the age of 5.


After attending Israel's finest art schools, and participating in a multitude of musical productions, Yuval enlisted in the IDF Orchestra as the principal trumpet player for three years. While there, he began working as an instrumentalist with Caliente Music. Since his discharge from the IDF, Yuval has been the lead trumpet player of the Israel Jazz Orchestra and has accompanied top Israeli artists across the globe.


In addition to his love of music, Yuval is also an avid filmmaker. He is a graduate of the Tisch Cinema School at Tel-Aviv University and has gained recognition as one of Israel's promising up and coming filmmakers


Michael HarPaz

Michael HarPaz

Born and raised in Detroit, Michael grew up listening to and singing with his mother, a jazz singer herself. After enrolling in the University of Michigan’s School of Music – Musical Theater program, he moved to New York City and then to Tel Aviv, where he became a founding member of the biggest pop group in Israeli history: HiFive. Today you can find him performing around the world, both on stage and on screen.

Gavriel “Gave” Butler

Gavriel “Gave” Butler

A special man with a special life story, from Chicago to Israel through Africa and the Hebrew community of Dimona, Gabriel is a shining diamond in the Israeli music scene with years of experience and a track record of numerous performances on some of the world’s most respected stages including the Eurovision song contest with his group Eden, lead singer of Israel’s Dancing With the Stars band, endless studio recordings and even a feature with “Kool and the Gang” during their 2017 European tour.

Hananel Edri

Hananel Edri

Hananel Edri is an Israeli performer and a graduate of the “Circle in the Square” musical theater school on Broadway, NYC. He was born in northern Israel and found his way to the stage at a very young age. In the IDF, he served as a singer and the commander of the Navy band and won second place in the prestigious Israel Song Festival competition with the original song “Love Ya”. He’s performed in numerous countries all over the world and in landmark venues such as The President's House in Jerusalem, the Israeli Knesset, Lincoln Center, and many more.

In 2014, upon his graduation in NYC, he returned to Israel and was cast in the Habima National Theater’s production of Evita, as well as in other shows such as Saul-Time, HaZamir, Romeo and Juliet, and more. He was a part of the 2015 Israeli delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest and has been the casting director for hit music-reality shows "The Voice" season 3 and "The Rising Star" season 2.

Hananel is currently performing nationwide on various stages. He is the lead singer for the highly acclaimed rapper Subliminal, and a lead singer with Caliente Music Company. In addition to his musical talents, he successfully appeared on Master-Chef Israel, and following that he created his own musical-cooking show. Hananel also dubs movies and TV shows such as Smallfoot, Encanto, Monster Hunter Stories, Mix Master, The Lion Guard, and more.

Meital Afergan

Meital Afergan

Meital is an extremely prominent natural born young singer. With exceptional vocal abilities she is widely considered one of the top vocalists in the region. Meital’s vocal quality is compared to some of the world’s greatest female R&B vocalists and she is a vocal powerhouse. Meital has been performing on stages around the world for over 15 years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon.


Naama Gali

A powerful singer, songwriter and performer based in Tel Aviv.

Naama is well acknowledged for her soulful voice, strong feminine presence and vibrant confidence. Naama is an alumnus of the respected “Rimon School of Contemporary Music” where she mastered her crafts as a professional singer and acquired the relevant experience before launching her solo project. Her career reached new heights after her memorable primetime TV appearances.

Naama received wide acclaim for her debut EP "Walk of Freedom" with smash songs such as “Slave for the City” and the title track, "Walk of Freedom".

Currently, Naama is working vigorously on her next album while composing and writing for other local and international artists.


Thank you to all of the wonderfully talented artists that took part in this exciting project.
We cherish their support and efforts in making this come to life.

Nadav Luzia

Nadav Luzia – Drums

Oren Latz

Oren Latz – Bass

Guy Moskovich

Guy Moskovich – Piano

Ziv Riener

Ziv Riener – Guitar


Maayan Milo – Trombone

Yonatan Voltzok

Yonatan Voltzok – Trombone

Oded Meir

Oded Meir – Trombone

Arnon de Botton

Arnon de Botton – Tombone

Genady Litvak

Genady Litvak – Trumpet

Adir Kochavi – Trumpet

Aybie Drori

Aybie Drori – Trumpet

Assa Kook

Assa Kook – Trumpet

Matan Vardi

Matan Vardi – Tenor Saxophone

Yuval Tabachnick

Yuval Tabachnick – Baritone Saxophone

Nadav Samuel

Nadav Samuel – Tenor Saxophone

Alon Farber

Alon Farber – Alto Saxophone

Hagai Amir – Alto Saxophone

Audio Crew

Meyer Kabalo

Chief Sound Engineer – Meir Kabalo
Rec. Advisor – Moshe Tzabari
Technical Director – Igal Alayev
Sound Technician – Alon Alayev
Sound Technician – Yaki Alayev
Mixing Engineer – Oren Latz